An Interview With Lexi Lore

interview with Lexi lore

We Discuss the Bang Bus Experience, J-Macs Cock Size, Braces, Trolls and More! 

I first noticed this petite newbie Lexi Lore from BangBus and had to know more.  Lexi Lore is young, cute, and dirty on camera.  She’s active on Social Media, where she’s always posting nudes of herself, so I thought I’d try my luck for a chance to chat with Lexi Lore. We discuss a lot in my interview with Lexi Lore. Enjoy!

Hi Lexi Lore, thanks for taking the time to talk with me today! I couldn’t find a lot of information out there on you, and from what I can tell you’ve done three or four scenes so far. So you’re very new to the business which is great!

Can you tell us a little about your family? Any siblings? Where are you from?

I grew up in Virginia. I love my family, they’re whacky. I have a little sister, but she’s only 6 months old so she doesn’t know what her sister’s up to.

What kind of girl were you in high school? What kind of jobs did you have?

I was very introverted, emo, and I sat in the back of the classroom but surprisingly did very well in school. I was a stoner to the fullest extent. I dated the same guy for 4 years and he was the only person I ever had sex with, which surprises everyone because I do porn now. I think my life has turned full circle. Since I was so shy, I didn’t get my first job until I was 18. It was a hostess job at a steakhouse which I thought was pretty funny because I’m vegan. I chose the job just to make that joke.

When I was 19, I was a pretty wild, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life at that point. How’d you get into camming at such a young age?

I met my boyfriend at the time on Tinder, he was a little bit older than me, and he was behind on a lot of bills. I’m a very caring person, so I helped him out by camming. I should have told him to go fuck himself, but it introduced me to the industry that I love.

What made you decide you were ready to transition into the more mainstream adult industry?

It was an escape from the rut I was in. I hate relying on my parents and also ending my high school relationship was hard on me. I could tell I was falling into a cycle of serial Tinder dating and depression from sitting at home, so I left to do something more enticing.

How easy or hard was it to get into?

It was easy for me; I just came across an ad on Craigslist and submitted some information, pictures of myself, and IDs. I got a call from a recruiter within 24 hours, and from there we talked about consent, I sent some more pictures, and my plane ticket was booked.

I lived in the Valley for a long time, and I loved LA. Do you enjoy Los Angeles or do you just fly back and forth from where you currently live for shoots?

I fly back and forth from Miami area and LA, I went back home to Virginia for the holidays. I love Los Angeles; I want to get an apartment there and do most of my work in LA.

You have a cute little tattoo on your left arm of the world, what’s the meaning behind it?

That’s actually a matching tattoo I got with my ex. We turned 18 and decided to get matching tattoos of the Earth for our four year anniversary since it was on Earth day. It was a stupid idea, but that’s how I was feeling at the time, and it marks a significant period of my life, so I don’t regret it I guess.

How was your first shoot, were you nervous at all? When it was over, what were you most impressed with? Were there any surprises?

I had the easiest first shoot ever. It was for Reality Kings, and I was a fuck doll. My job was to act limp and stare off into the distance, no reaction or movements necessary. It was pretty funny.

Now since I don’t have a lot of information to go off of, according to your profile on Hussie, you’re listed as available for BBGG, BG, BGB, BJ, Fetish, GBG, GG, HJ, Solo. Do you have a preference if you had to choose?

I think the most fun I’ve had at a scene was BBGG for Hussie Auditions, fucking around off camera. It’s always a party. The more, the merrier.

Is there anything you won’t do or something you’d like to try but haven’t yet had the opportunity to do?

I can’t think of anything that I won’t do within reason. One thing I love about porn is all the experimental sex I’ve had. A lot of my fantasies have already been fulfilled through porn, but soon I hope to get fucked by a teacher, cop, or doctor.

Let’s talk for a second about dicks. I like to think I’m a fairly average sized, but when I watch porn, I can still be a little taken back by the size of some of these male performers, especially with girls as petite as you. In the scene you shot for Braced Faced for Team Skeet, that guy looked huge. Do you ever find yourself intimidated by size? Have you ever showed up on set and just said “Holy Shit!”

Yes! I was genuinely concerned J-Mac would wreck me. He looked a little worried about me too! And I’ve been told I have a tight vagina. But it was fine, we went slow, and now he’s one of my favorite performers to work with. I also frequently google my male talents, just to mentally prepare myself.

And are the braces real? I know some performers will buy fakes for fetish reasons.

My braces are real. I was too stubborn to get them when I was younger, and now I’m pulling it off for as long as possible because it’s pretty desired in porn.

Are you competitive? Is there any pressure on you now that you didn’t really think about or prepare for?

I’m not competitive. I see girls like that, but I feel like my content is genuine and doesn’t look fake. And when I’m not on set, I have my phone on hand because I’m selling my own content and interacting with the people who support me. If I don’t succeed in this industry, I sure did everything I could, so there’s no use worrying what other girls are doing.

There’s a lot of pressure when your nude body is on the internet to be scrutinized, but at that point, what is there to be insecure about? You can’t be shy anymore.

Lexi Lore - Horny 19 Year Old Hops on The Bus - 4
Lexi Lore – Horny 19 Year Old Hops on The Bus – Bang Bus

Your latest scene for Bang Bus is what caught my attention. You’re completely adorable, and that’s a great scene. Tell us about the Bang Bus experience? I always wanted to believe they were just regular girls when I was younger lol

Bang Bus is a classic, everyone’s seen it! I was so excited to film that because it’s so iconic. I’ve heard a lot of people who know nothing say it’s degrading and they kick us out with a couple hundred. It pays as well as any scene, and Bang Bros is a great company to work with. Nothing is degrading off camera. It was hilarious because some hotel employees across the street thought they needed to call the police when I got “kicked out” of the bus until they realized we were just filming porn, so the driver yelled, “Bang Bros lives on!” and then we just left.

Now, this can be an irritating question & I understand, but people are always curious about dating a porn star. I think this is because of many factors, but how is dating for you? Are you in a relationship? Is it tricky?

I am in a relationship. Dating seems a little bit easier when you’re either dating a pornstar or someone you knew before porn. My boyfriend and I liked each other before I started porn, so I know he’s not fetishizing dating a pornstar or using me. Neither of us saw this lifestyle coming, but you do what you can to make love work. There are moments when he picks me up from a scene, and I’m exhausted, or he’s picking up my friends, and they’re talking about porn in the backseat. I really appreciate him for putting up with me in those moments. Not every guy can, and I don’t understand how he does, but I’m very grateful for his effort. Also, the pussy is A1!

What’s your favorite part about the industry?

It’s unconventional, never boring. Every day I work in a different place, with different people, filming a different scene. And I love watching my own porn.

What’s your least favorite part about the industry?

People need to stop choosing money over other performers’ health. If you’re sick, do not show up to set! If you put your dick in me and you’re sick, I’m going to get sick.

Is there any particular performer that inspired you?

Piper Perri isn’t a role model, but she’s my role model.. I look a lot like her in her earlier scenes, so I feel like I’m following her path, but maybe with more anal in the future.

Anyone, in particular, you’re dying to work with?

It used to be Tyler Nixon because I watched him before I ever decided to do porn, but now I’ve fucked him.. Another example of how my life has come full circle.

Do you have a lot of friends that work outside of the industry?

No. I recruited my one and only good friend, Harmony Wonder, to the porn industry. We’re in it together I guess, even if it is porn.

What’s the worst misconception people have about the industry or being a performer?

We’re all on drugs and STD ridden. I know that where there’s money, there’s substance abuse, but I don’t fuck with it. Also, we get tested every two weeks.

You’re pretty active on Social Media, do you enjoy interacting with your fans?

I do, it makes my day and entertains me. My fans are positive and funny.

What’s the best thing a fan has ever done?

People offer to pay my bills and send me gifts, but I don’t accept anything without giving something in return. And currently I have a fan making a website for me, I think that’s pretty above and beyond. I also have a fan who sends me good morning and good night tweets religiously which is so endearing. If I don’t have anyone else, I have my fans.

What’s the most bizarre thing a fan has done or requested?

People think I’m an escort and try to book me even though they don’t own a porn company and have 44 followers or something.

If someone notices you in public, what do you want them to know? Can they approach you?

Say, “Hi Lexi, I know you from porn, but I won’t do anything weird” and then don’t be weird. Don’t grab me, and don’t try to take me home. I’m excited but scared for the day that someone recognizes me in public.

I’ve asked the question to everyone I’ve interviewed so far, so you get it as well. Do you google yourself?

Of course.

What do you think of the cyberbullying issues of late? Does that kind of stuff personally affect you? Have you been on the receiving end of any of that & if so how do you deal with that?

People tell me I look underage, my teeth are ugly, I’m too skinny, and this and that. No one can insult me more than I insulted myself in my high school years. It doesn’t faze me. My life is probably cooler than theirs anyway. But of course, it’s a major problem in the industry.

What’s in store for you in 2018? Do you have any goals you’d like to accomplish?

I want to create my own content that sells well enough for me not to have to rely on bookings. Like a backup income.

Lightning Round:

Favorite Pet? Dogs
Favorite Movie(s)? Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret
Favorite Television Show(s)? That 70’s Show
What was the last thing you read? My horoscope
Apple or Android? Apple
Dream vacation? Paris
What are you’re most proud of? My dad
Spirit Animal? Rabbit
Playboy, Penthouse or Hustler? Penthouse


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