Brazzers and Digital Playground Cash In on Collaborations with Stormy Daniels!

The Presidents Favorite Adult Performer is Set for Release of Upcoming Scenes and a New Directing Role!

The President’s favorite performer has been making the rounds lately and considering her in high demand would be an understatement.

Industry leaders in premium adult entertainment, BRAZZERS and DIGITAL PLAYGROUND have announced the exclusive releases of Stormy Daniels’ next two adult scenes. Additionally, Stormy Daniels will now be directing exclusively for DIGITAL PLAYGROUND.

Stormy Daniels makes her BRAZZERS debut in ‘Pornstars Like It Big’: Stormy’s Secret.

Stormy plays a horny housewife/screenwriter seeking erotic inspiration. Her husband has no idea she finds that inspiration in the memory of mystery man, Keiran Lee, a stranger who once followed her in the street. Stormy’s dirty mind takes the viewer all over Los Angeles as she fantasizes about finding him and having her way with him. Back in reality, Stormy takes a sexy shower and then hops into bed with her boring husband. But her secret fantasy isn’t over quite yet.

Stormy shared her thoughts regarding her BRAZZERS scene debut:

“Appearing in a Brazzers scene will be [very] different from what my fans are used to seeing me in, and the response from them has already been overwhelming. I’m honestly not sure who’s looking forward to it more – me or the viewers! Keiran Lee and I have been discussing the plans for my debut and I cannot wait to share it.”

Stormy’s performing scene on DIGITAL PLAYGROUND, titled The Fellate Show is Stormy’s first appearance on DIGITAL PLAYGROUND since 2004, set to release in late May 2018.

Keiran Lee plays a late night talk show host who is wrapping up the final night of “Good Sex Week”, and he’s interested in more than just Stormy’s multiple accolades. Throughout the interview, sexual tensions grow between Stormy and Keiran, prompted by a playful, but sexually-driven game of “Guess That Sensation”, where the couple takes turns blindfolding each other and guessing the touch/smell/taste of a specific item. The adventurous game inevitably ends with Keiran and Stormy sneaking away backstage – returning to the set for a grand finale.

Photo – Brazzers & Digital Playground (Stormy Daniels)

In addition to Stormy’s two scenes, she’s also premiering her directorial debut for her first full-length feature film on DIGITAL PLAYGROUND entitled Highway Home.

Highway Home is an original story about Lily, young woman who lives with the constant consequences of her poor upbringing. After falling in love with her new stepbrother and then being kicked out by her stepfather, Lily leaves home to discover the world outside of her familial bubble. She travels around for five years before deciding it’s time to go home—and during her hitchhiking adventures, she meets a wiser-than-he-looks trucker and two other young women with a lust for crime and sex. Ultimately, she arrives home and is greeted by her estranged mother, offering a happy ending.

Stormy expressed excitement regarding the new role behind the camera with DIGITAL PLAYGROUND:

“Some of my favorite adult movies have come from the Digital Playground brand. I’m honored to be their newest contract director and although I’m nervous for this big change, it’s much needed. I am excited about getting to work on some amazing projects.”

Product Director, Danny Angel, congratulates Stormy in her new role for DIGITAL PLAYGROUND:

“We’re excited to have Stormy on board as a Producer/Director and we’re looking forward to the interesting direction she will take scenes on Digital Playground. Stormy has a unique vision for her scenes and we know she’ll be a big asset to the brand and elevate the talent she works with”.

Stormy’s next on-screen performances will air respectively on BRAZZERS and DIGITAL PLAYGROUND in the coming months, with her performing scene for BRAZZERS being shot this month, and that for DIGITAL PLAYGROUND in April. Her directorial debut on DIGITAL PLAYGROUND is currently in the works and slated for a steamy summer release.

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