Charity Crawford in Post Workout Protein Shake – Review

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Title: Charity Post Workout Protein Shake
Scene Length: 28 minutes, 48 seconds
Release Date: 01/30/18
Genre: Straight Sex, Petite, Brunette, Blowjob, Face Fucking, Cum in Mouth, Natural Tits, Masturbation
Condoms: No
Starring: Charity Crawford

After a walk with a friend, Charity asks if it’d be okay if she uses her friend’s shower to freshen up. In the shower Charity lathers her body in soap, rubbing it in and all over her tan, thinned frame. Believing she has some privacy, Charity starts to masturbate.

Charity’s friend’s brother Jmac creeps around the corner, listening as Charity moans, gripping his dick, turned on and horny by the sounds coming from the shower. He peaks around making sure his girlfriend is nowhere in sight & starts to jerk off. He strokes his cock slowly from behind the door as Charity massages her pussy in the shower. Suddenly she catches him and can’t believe it!

After a moment, Charity gets a look at his big dick, smiles and invites him in. Jmac walks into the shower and takes his pants off. Charity hasn’t seen a dick that big, and soaps her hands up before starting to stroke and massage his balls. After a quick rinse, she begins to blow him. Sucking his dick as she stares up at him. Jmac takes things into his hands and face fucks Charity hard until she gags.

She stands up a bit and continues to swallow his cock in between turns of him jamming it down her throat. He finally stands her up and pushes her against a shower wall and takes her from behind, slipping his dick inside her. She stands on her toes to prop herself up as he fucks her harder and harder.

Jmac covers her mouth, to keep her moans down, so his sister doesn’t hear them. He bends her down against the same wall, continuing to pound away at her.

He spins her around, raising a leg in the air, fucking her. Charity moans grow louder and louder. He lifts her up; Charity wraps her legs around her arms as he fucks her in the air. Her ass slaps against his groin as he bounces her up and down on his shaft.

The two-step out of the shower and Jmac takes a seat on the bathroom toilet lid. Charity eases down slow on his cock, She grinds up and down on him, before switching positions facing him now. They keep fucking hard, Jmac sucking on her small tits and nipples until he’s ready to cum.

They jump off the toilet and back into the shower where Charity drops to her knees and takes a full load of warm jizz in her mouth.

Final Word: Charity Crawford is a petite sexy newbie, and she seems to keep getting better with every new update. She can swallow a big dick and has no problem getting her throat fucked until she gags on cock. I love to watch her standing up straight getting fucked from behind, I’m not sure how tall she is, but she has fantastic legs and a beautifully thin, healthy looking body. Her tits are natural and lovely, her smile bright white and gorgeous eyes. When she sucks dick, her eyes remain open staring up and giving us a great view of her beautiful green eyes. I enjoy when Jmac picks her up and fucks her, I just love that move for some reason. I love facials, but the load she takes in her mouth is very satisfying.

Verdict: Recommend

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