Girlsway’s Reigning GOTM Scarlett Sage In Showcases: April – 2-in-1 Scene

Girlsway’s Reigning GOTM Scarlett Sage In Showcases: April - 2-in-1 SceneGirlsway’s Reigning GOTM Scarlett Sage In Showcases: April – 2-in-1 Scene, Out Now!

Girlsway introduces its April 2018 GOTM Scarlett Sage in her brand-new scene ‘Showcases: April – 2-in-1’ scene, available now exclusively at

Sage wrote and conceptualized her soccer-themed ‘Showcases’ scene and personally cast her co-stars Jenna Sativa and Tali Dova (in her official Girlsway Model Debut) – in two separate girl-on-girl scenes that comprise one scorching story.

Soccer team captain Scarlett lures the innocent Tali over to her house for some vigorous ‘practice’ before the big game, but their girl-on-girl training is so vigorous that they miss the game! When Coach Jenna shows up, furiously banging on Scarlett’s door, the team captain has some serious making up to do.

Director Stills by Alan said that,

“Scarlett is an amazing presence that lights up the screen when she performs, and her chemistry with Jenna and Tali in each scene is electric. And you won’t find Scarlett’s Girl of the Month Showcases scene anywhere else but”

The Official Description of Scarlett Sage In Showcases: April – 2-in-1 Scene:

When Tali Dova’s phone rings, she checks the caller id to find the captain of the soccer team, Scarlett Sage, calling her. Scarlett wants Tali to come over for a light practice before the big game. Tali immediately agrees and hangs up the phone. Scarlett’s got a sly smile on her face that looks like she just pulled a fast one on Tali. A little later, the girls are kicking the ball around as they get ready for the big game. When Tali trips and falls, Scarlett comes to the rescue asking if she’s ok. Tali laughs it off saying that she’s fine. Scarlett can’t stop looking at Tali and when she can’t take it any longer she plants a kiss right on her lips. Tali can’t believe the team captain is kissing her, she’s had such a huge crush on her for so long. The girls quickly move things indoors as Scarlett practically throws Tali on her bed and starts sucking on her face. When the girls finish each other off it quite clear they lost track of time because they missed the fucking game!!! Tali grabs her clothes and runs out of there trying to figure out how she’s going to explain this to her mother. When Scarlett hears a knock at the door, she assumes it’s Tali and tells her to come in. When sees that it’s her coach Jenna Sativa, she starts panicking. She knows she can’t be thrilled at the fact that her star player missed such an important game. When Jenna sits down and looks at Scarlett, it looks like she’s going to kill her. When Scarlett starts explaining that she had something important to attend to, Jenna fires her on the spot. Jenna can’t believe this. She can’t get fired, she wants to play soccer professionally and can’t lose her position as team captain. Scarlett pleads with Jenna, begging her to reconsider, Jenna isn’t budging. She’s made her decision and doesn’t care what Scarlett wants. Scarlett knows that she can convince Jenna, she just has to pull out the big guns. When she asks Jenna if she enjoyed checking out her ass, she flatly denies it. But Scarlett knows she likes girls because she’s seen her coach checking them out all the time. The more Jenna denies this, the more she’s blushes and it’s only a matter of time before Scarlett will be team captain again.

Watch the Trailer and Check Out the Free Photo Gallery of Showcases: April – 2-in-1 Scene from Girlsway Below:

To view the full scene, go to Girlsway here.

Learn more about April Girlsway Girl of the Month Scarlett Sage, plus Jenna Sativa and Tali Dova at their official Girlsway model pages.

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