An Interview With Inna Innaki

Interview With Inna Innaki

The Greek Goddess Inna Innaki Discusses Family, Sex Clubs, Working With Her Partner, Fitness, and Her Growing Global Fame!

I have to be honest I didn’t know much about Inna Innaki before I reached out to her. I had recently started this site and was looking for performers to interview. I kept receiving emails from her PR company, talking about this female performer known as the “Greek Goddess.” As soon as I saw this woman I couldn’t get enough of her! Inna is stunningly gorgeous, fit, exotic and just a beautiful person.

So when I reached out, I was surprised by her quick response back and her eagerness to talk with me. I believe Inna will be around for a long time and she has big things planned for her future in the industry that we can all look forward to for a long time to come. She was such a pleasure to chat with, so with all that said.


Hi Inna, thank you for taking time out of your schedule to speak with me today!  I’m very excited to talk to you and been looking forward to it! 

So let’s start with what you did before you got into the industry? What sort of jobs did you have in your teens and your twenties?

I start to work on my 16th I start as a waitress till my 18th! After that I was working many jobs like a seller in a bakery shop, bar woman also at one point I was sharing flyers on the street from different events !!

Do you come from a big family?

Nope, I can’t say that my family is big, it is a regular one from 4 persons with my parents!!!

Do you have children or want any in your future?

No I don’t have, but of course, I want to have some one day, I think this is the dream of most of the girls 🙂 !

Where you always a sexual person or where you more of a late bloomer?

To be honest, I can’t explain exactly when I started to have sexual relations in my teen ages, but I didn’t practice so much I didn’t have so many partners! So I can say that I start to make and enjoy more when I started as an adult actress and this open my eyes. I start to discover more and more things and have much more pleasure!

You’re from Athens, and you’re known as the Greek Goddess! How does it feel to be the “Greek Goddess” of the Industry?

Yes I this is true, How I felt well it is good when the peoples call you like that it makes me proud cause of the Greek Mythology it makes you feel special 🙂 !

Do you travel back and forth a lot?

Yes, i do a lot of travels every year in all the world mostly in Europe but I also travel to Asia and the US it all depends from the bookings, how often they book me from each place I hope this year to have more bookings from the US but this is, of course, depends from the productions !

Since you live in Europe, what do you miss most about the states when you leave?

Oh, I can say everything nice places, wonderful nature, Taco Bell haha and the coffee is just amazing. Grape Soda one of my favorite and Cherry Coke Soda this is some of the things that I miss so much!

What do you miss most when you travel to the states and have to leave home?

My puppy I miss her so much cause she is like my daughter, my friends Suvlaki off course but mostly I miss the wonderful Islands that we have and the amazingly clear and blue water that we have in our sea. Only the people who have been here and have seen it live can understand me! And of course, the live music that we have which is calling BOZOUKIA !!!

You seem to be quite the celebrity in Greece, appearing on the front page of the Espresso newspaper. Do you handle fame well and how does it feel to gain such a growing fan base around the world?

Well, what I can say it is an honor for me to be on the front pages on Espresso newspaper but I am also in many, many more so cant say only about them I just want to thank all the media channels tv shows web blogs that support me!

For now, I handle it but is starting to be little bit more hard cause every time I go out people stop me to ask for pics with me, autographs and many things! Just sometimes I want to get out from my house and enjoy my walk without no one stops me steering on me or shows me with fingers screaming “That’s HER! That’s HER!” But of course, it makes me happy from the other point cause I see that peoples enjoy to watch me and don’t disappoint them till now!

You won Best Gym Body, and Best Porn Female of Eroaward and anyone can tell you’re in great shape, do you have a routine? Workout, eating right, good genes or a mixture of all three?

Well, to be honest, I don’t make something special to keep my body in good shape, maybe it’s genetic I don’t know. Everybody asks me this question I think it’s Greek genetic hahaha! OF course, I like to go to the gym and do my training, squats mostly, but I go two times per week and workout 45 minutes max. About the food, I eat everything chocolate, pizza, and many things, But soon I will try to take some supplements to push it more to see my limits 🙂 !

I read that you were performing live sex shows in nightclubs in Europe which eventually led to a production company calling you, and then you made an amateur video at home with your partner at the time which they liked, and that’s how you ended up in the industry. Is that all correct?

Yes, that’s correct I start as adult shows performer showgirl in nightclubs!

How do you get a job performing live sex shows in nightclubs?

Well, Teos best friend help us with this! I just was searching for some good pay job, and then he explains to us that we can make better money making these shows! In the beginning, when you hear live sex shows, dildo or lesbian shows get shock cause you don’t know what to expect, so I decided to go one night and watch it, well when I saw how nice it was and how erotic and wonderful I agreed!

Can you expand on that some more, I’m from flyover country here in the states, and that sounds like such a uniquely European thing? What type of nightclubs? How does this all work?

Usually is in night sex theater clubs which inside is good looking like a burlesque style or strip clubs for gentlemen. Inside has girls that work as companion and shows! I work in the shows part every night, have program with theater in beginning some story with good-looking costumes and special music with special effects and everything it looks more like theater till the erotic part comes which sometimes is live sex, Lesbian or solo dildo shows! People just stay at their tables with the girl’s drinking their drinks and enjoy the shows!

I know you’re married to a male porn star named Teo and that’s who you’ve mostly worked worth with. How did you come to the decision to venture off and work with other male talents?

Well, we are not married just live together long time like 12 years, but it is kind the same 🙂 ! I am persone when I am with one man I am only with him I can’t explain it exactly just this is what kind of person I am also I like girls almost and I like to enjoy more with them! Nothing personal to the other male performers they are all good just I am woman who can be trusted and want to be only with one man and only him till we are together!

You’ve worked with DDF 12 times from my count, and one of those was with your husband in ‘The Winner Takes ‘em Both: Hardcore Threesome With Two Babes.’ Do you like working together?

Well yes, of course, it is always good to work with your partner, well sometimes it is hard cause we know each other so well that even one wrong look or just mimic can rule everything hahaha, but it is always a pleasure when you enjoy the moment together!

You’ve done plenty of GG scenes and some BG scenes so far. Do you prefer one over the other?

To be honest, I love more the GG scenes as I say before I like girls also and this is one of the parts that I don’t have so much in my personal life, so that’s why I love more to make GG scenes. I think the best one is BGG for me cause I can enjoy both of them and have much more pleasure that if you make only BG or only GG will not gonna give you!

What goes into your decision-making process when it comes to accepting or taking on a job?

It is many things where will be when will be for whom will be, and I must be careful with that cause sometimes can be a scam. Also it is how much I will be paid cause i have a lot of jobs and i don’t want to live one of the good payd for another which not gonna give me so much money of course sometimes the noot good pays you job can makes you more famous and open more dors for you so there is a lot of things !

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You were nominated for your first AVN Award this year for Most Spectacular Boobs, so congratulations and you looked incredible on the red carpet! Was this the first time you’ve attended the Award ceremony? How was that? Did you meet anyone you were especially excited to meet?

Thank you so much yes was my first time in AVN awards attended I hope will be more often hahaha, of course, this is not depends only from me. I can say that was amazing but I was expecting little bit more, I meet a lot of peoples there, but didn’t have the chance to meet those ones that I was expected cause this year they weren’t there!

You have a good social media presence on Twitter and Instagram. I know you like interacting with your followers which is always a great thing to do and I wish more performers would do. Why is it so important to connect with fans?

OH, I cant say that I have so good but is growing so fast that I didn’t expecting! It is always pleasure for me to talk with my followers like this I know what they like what they want what they expect in the next movie, and I do not disappoint them!

For me it is important to be connected with I will use friends, not FANS because of them I am who I am because of there support and love I get where I get and i am so grateful that I have them and have there’s love, here is the part that I want to say one BIG BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF THEM FOR EVERYTHING THAT THEY DO FOR ME !!!

What’s the sweetest thing a fan has done?

There is a lot of things I can’t say. Just one I always have presents, and many things that they send me also some of them pay my vacation times just to look how I am relaxing and having fun without working! But the most sweetest thing is their support and love for me!!!

What’s the most bizarre thing a fan has done or requested?

I will try to keep this is secret if its possible 🙂 !!!

Have you been recognized out in public? What would you recommend people who do recognize you, to do if they see you out and about?

Well yes, I can say too much especially here in Greece! I will like to say to everyone to not get so panicky, screaming or showing me with fingers. Please, I am just a simple girl with a different kind of job I am not something more special than them. If they want they can come to talk with me but treat me like a normal person I hate when they treat me like a superstar!

Do you google yourself? I’m pretty sure that’s something I’d continuously do if I had any amount of fame

Oh, only two or three times and this was cause I was searching for one of the TV shows that I am going to see how I was looking hahaha!

Are you a competitive person? The industry is extremely competitive from what I can tell, does that competitiveness have any effect on you?

I never think about that, to be honest, I can’t answer this question! Maybe other people can answer better than I buy themselves opinions! But I don’t think that this is something that affects me I have plenty of jobs and looking to makes them I never care what the other actresses have or do. I only care what I can do!

If you weren’t in this particular business what do you think you would be doing?

I am thinking more like fitness instructor maybe cause I love to be in the gym when I can and also love to travel a lot so maybe something with traveling like a blogger or like this I don’t know, I never think about this!

What’s in the works for 2018? Anyone, in particular, you’re working with? Will you have a DVD out anytime soon?

Well, as most of the people know I start to produce and shoot for one new production so will try to make some shootings there but of course I will not gonna stop to shoot or promote the other productions which will book me I hope this year to have more bookings from the US especially for some big production like Jules Jordan, Brazzers or Evil Angel. But as I see they shoot more with girls from the US, and also it’s hard for me to get there cause I make mostly GG scenes but you never know haha! About DVD it is already out some from Sugarbabes.TV

Lightning Round Questions:

Favorite Movie(s) – Twilight

Favorite Television Show(s)? Big Brother, X-Factor

The last thing you read? Games of Thrones

The last song you listened to? Becky G -Mayores

Celebrity Crushes? Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron

Dream Vacation? Maldives

Biggest Pet Peeve? Dog

Best Advice For Men? Be a gentleman and respect women’s!

Favorite Animal or Pet? Dog

Apple or Android? Android

Greatest Achievement So Far in Your Life? Touch the hearts of the peoples!!!

Excellent, those are all great answers!  Well, it was such a pleasure talking to you and again thank you so much for giving me some of your time. I’m very much looking forward to seeing more of you this year!

Well thank you very much for your questions!!!


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