An Interview With Adult Star Athena Rayne

An Interview With Adult Star Athena Rayne

In My Interview with Adult Star Athena Rayne We Discuss Growing Up In a Military Family, Guns, Bang Bus, AVN, Her Inspirational Philanthropy Work & More!! 

Athena Rayne is a newbie to the industry and caught my attention after a few posts on Twitter in which she responded to my Best of the Week scene releases.  So I caught up on Athena and she is a beautiful young newbie, very cute with a bad-ass naughty side to her.  In my Interview with Adult Star Athena Rayne I discovered she has a fascinating background as a Military brat and has even bigger plans for helping to create a better world.  Thank’s again Athena for giving up some of your free time for this interview, it was a pleasure to know what you’re about outside the world of porn and I officially consider myself a big new fan! 


So let’s start with some basics, you went to school in Georgia? Was that for your entire time in school or did you bounce around from schools since you come from a Military family? What other states did you live in growing up? Any favorites?

: I Bounced around a lot, everywhere from Denver, Colorado to Naples, Italy. Texas, Maryland, Arizona, and Oklahoma to name a few more. California is my all time favorite<3 Growing up, though, would have to have been Italia.

Talk a little about growing up in a family with someone in the Military? I’m sure it’s not easy having a parent gone for long periods of time, having to move around a lot, etc.?

My dad was kinda a brains guy, so I didn’t have to worry about him being on the field. He was deployed three years of my life, but I always knew he would come home, even when my mom worried. It was hard to make friends moving around so much; I have social anxiety and never knew how to approach people. Most thought I was overeager, so until Georgia I had very few long-term friends.

Are you still close with your family and what do they think about you joining the industry at nineteen or twenty years old?

Ironically, my family and I have not always seen eye to eye. My parents thought growing up that I was a troublemaker and too hot-tempered. They knew I loved theater but always had mistaken passion for outbursts. I met with both of my parents the day before I came down for the first time; typically we avoided contact, but I never wanted to hide my life. My parents admit that they’ve had to listen and relearn 40 years of what they thought a porn star was, but both of them are proud of me and now see why I love it so much. All of the passion inside of me manifests in my scenes, and because I don’t take crap, I stay safe. They agreed to come to AVN next year if I’m nominated

What kind of girl where you like growing up? In high school?

Oh lord! lol. I went through every phase in the book, but through and through I was a theatre nerd. I didn’t really wear makeup, I got bullied a lot, and I only hung out with guys. Major tomboy lol

Of course, we want to know how that journey began or how you ended up in the industry? Were you a camper first? If so, how did you first get into that?

Last month was my one-year Camaversary; however, I stopped for quite a while; trying to be semi-normal. I wasn’t really making anything, and we were struggling with rent. I got an invite for my bf and Myself to be paid party guests for a friend’s acquaintance(The Mike Busey house), yet we would have to get sexual on stage in front of a couple hundred people. We decided to do it and fell absolutely in love, I felt energized by the shock and cheers from the crowd, empowered being completely exposed to them. The fact that I was being filmed excited me. I applied for hussie the very next day and got approved on my birthday.

The Party Video Below:

And your in an open relationship with Xavior Steele who was your boyfriend in high school?

Lol yes, however back in high school we were just classmates. Outside of porn I mostly want to mess around with girls, and he’s even gone as far as to allow me to also have a girlfriend. (poly)

How’d you find someone like that in high school and both of you wanted to get into the industry? I assume that’s pretty rare?

We just were both kinda lost and found each other at a time where we both were thinking about it. Considering we are both from uber-conservative, religious families in the deep south; It’s essentially impossible to find

Athena Rayne in Bang Bus
Athena Rayne in Bang Bus

Was Bang Bus your first shoot? Can you walk us through what that experience is like? I touched on this in an earlier interview with Lexi Lore, but how does the shoot work? Are you dropped off on the road and asked to wait for the Bus to pull over and improvise? Do you have lines? What’s it like driving around in all that traffic having sex in a car?

No, It was actually well past my first (my first was with RK and hasn’t been released) It’s a pretty fun shoot; you invent your own character and act it out the way you would think they would, everything is improvised and we all play off of each other. Boundaries and what is and isn’t ok to say is discussed before the bus even gets there, nobody wants tears <3 We were in a downtown area with a lot of construction, but it was even more exciting to me when cars did pass by. The idea of getting caught is exhilarating.

What’s your most memorable experience so far in the industry?

My first AVN. I spent my energy during the day and didn’t really party, but I got to meet new friends such as Sadie Pop, Ginger Banks, Carolina Sweets, Dave Slick, and Hime Marie as well as direct my first film. Everyone was so welcoming and wonderful, and I had a blast.

Have you had any worrisome issues on set?

Not really but I’m pretty vocal… I feel like maybe that’s why nobody messes with me, I have no time for bs.

You sell videos on ManyVids like tons of performers do. Do you see these Clip Stores & Independent Sites to sell your own content the future? Or will the big studios & network sites still run things?

Independent sites and clip stores truly are the future, but I can see sites such as Vixen, Reality Kings, and Lethal Hardcore continuing to thrive

Okay, now let’s talk a little about some of your other work. You live in Los Angeles and are working on opening a new shelter for battered women. What got you into that? And why is that important to you?

Well, last summer I had just gotten out of a really bad relationship with my ex and ended up in a battered women’s shelter. One of the volunteers found me crying near the street, covered in blood. She took me back and had me stitched up, staying with me and listening to my story. I told her about my camming and how I didn’t think I was worth saving. She loved me like a mother and encouraged me; If I wanted something, I couldn’t let anyone stand in my way. The shelter had a policy that everyone had to leave during the day, and I couldn’t cam with other girls in the room at night; so I spent my summer saving my money by camming out of a Starbucks bathroom. I ate the meals given to me but refused to buy more food, working to pick myself back up.

I ended up giving up on my dreams when I met my ex, and for a few months things were ok; I got a job at a restaurant and slaved for next to nothing. I had him, but I wasn’t’ happy.

Then I got with Xavior. He was understanding and encouraged me to chase my dreams again. He was patient and gave me a place in his apartment, we never really expected to end up as a couple.

Since I’ve been progressing in porn, I couldn’t help but think about the fact that thousands of women in LA could be just like me; in a situation, they cant do anything about, just needing a chance. That is why I decided to open Athena’s Chance, a shelter that will cater primarily to young women, teens, LGBT youth, mothers, and couples who need a place to start again.

Recently a transgendered man with a violent criminal record was asked to leave a battered women’s shelter. What are your thoughts on that? How are we to protect these women from men with histories like this who transitions. Are they no longer a threat or is this something that Battered Women’s Shelters have to acknowledge and think about how to deal with?
(Sources: &

I believe that everyone should have a chance, however not in an area with those who have already been traumatized by violence. I do believe we should have long-term rehabilitation programs for violent offenders, and centers where they can be free from drugs and safe to start their lives over.

You have plans on opening another LGBT center. Is that also in Los Angeles? What exactly is an LGBT center? Are heterosexuals allowed in? And why is it important to have these community centers available? Los Angeles is a pretty progressive city in probably the most progressive State, at least Southern California.

It would be both a day shelter and night shelter for LGBT youth and young adults. Night shelters would be for youth who have been turned out by family or foster homes and have nowhere to go, and would allow them to attend classes, find college scholarships, find new hobbies, and just become the YA they want to be in a safe and non judgemental environment, volunteers would have to understand that these kids must be shown love, guidance, and support. The day center would offer a community for LGBT youth and allies(yes everyone who is an ally, no matter their orientation, would be allowed) as well as events, tutoring, and mentorship programs.

If working in the industry, working on opening shelters & community centers isn’t enough to do, you are also working on planning building schools for young girls in Nicaragua this fall, correct? Why Nicaragua? I’m not too familiar with the educational systems in place but am aware of the extreme poverty there. Also why just for girls? Do young boys in Nicaragua have an advantage that young girls don’t regarding education?

Many Missions groups focus on major countries such as Brazil, Syria, and Egypt. Many forget that just because you cannot see pain, does not mean it does not exist. In Nicaragua, there is still a huge gender divide, and many girls sell their virginity as young as seven years old. For them, it is not a matter of if for women, but when. Poverty affects all; however many girls are not allowed to attend classes due to the highly religious views on mixing youth. This would allow them a leg up, as an education insites a more powerful, stronger generation.

Browsing through your Twitter feed, I noticed you carry a handgun for personal protection. I think more women need to do this. Can you talk a little bit about your feelings on guns and the current debate going on? I feel most people don’t understand the mechanics of guns in general. Should you have some understanding before jumping into this debate?

My father, grandfather, and uncle are all trained to handle weaponry; and my grandfather taught me how to use a pistol at six years old. I am able to do most things even some government operatives are unable to do. However, I have no need for a weapon in which the intent is to kill. A pistol is easy to aim and with the right ammo may only injure the offender so I can get away and call the authorities. There are laws that regulate voting (constitutional right), Protest (constitution) and religion (constitution). Some privileges are taken away to protect the life, liberty, and happiness of others. Nobody want’s to take guns altogether. However, I agree we need to stop allowing multi-round semi-automatics in the hands of people who have the ability to harm others. Hundreds of CHILDREN are dying because of this, and we should not allow something so ridiculous; gun control is a must.

I’d like to finish on a bit lighter note, so whats the best thing a fan has done for you? I know #AthenaNation is a thing on Twitter.

After my ex-posted this insane story on Reddit about me and essentially made me look like a psycho and him a hero (not the case, however, I will just leave that be) my fans poured onto Reddit to discredit the story and jump to my defense. Every once in a while I’ll see new comments lol. They drowned his hate with love.
Another time, a fan paid for my flight to AVN since I was scared I wouldn’t be able to make it and he really wanted to meet me.

And the strangest thing a fan has done or requested?

Scat videos….(shudder)

How do you feel about competition? Is that something you care about? Recognition of some kind?

I live for competition; however, I see most girls who are doing shady things to bring down other girls or tricking new girls to step in and steal scenes. I want to be one of the best porn stars ever known; an AVN Hall of Famer who redefines what it means to be a sexual goddess; however I refuse to do it the way many others do. I’m going to be the best, but I’m going to do it right

Do you google yourself? If so why & how do you handle any negative comments?

Every so often, and for me; comedy is key. Using someone’s own words against them in a witty or sarcastic way has actually turned a lot of my haters into fans, I know not everyone will like me, but at least someone gets a laugh out of it! lol

For all us regular people out here, if you’re in a relationship with someone who’s not very sexual or not into porn, what recommendations would you give him or her to get them more into it?

Communicate with them, take things slow. There are many people who may not be into what the girls you have been with are; everyone is different. She may not be into it as often or may just not be comfortable with herself. Be patient with her, work through it together. Introduce toys and be vocal when you are asking what feels good. Encourage her when she does well. Buy her an outfit every so often if y’all are long-term, something cute over and sexy under; take her out and show her a good time. Bring it up in conversation when you are in the bedroom, don’t get angry if she says no when you ask to try it. If she does, maybe allow her to pick the first few times. A big issue with women and porn is that they worry their partners find the women in porn sexier than them and get insecure; take care of your woman, and she will be a little more comfortable with experimenting

What kind of sex life do you have when you’re not working? If you’re on set for 8 hours or something, a couple days a week, are you just tired or too sore? How do you compensate?

On scene days, it’s typically either no sex or intimate, slow sex(aka seduce tf outta me) but when I don’t have a scene for a few days, I’m super into BDSM. I just got a new collar too!

If you weren’t in the industry, aside from your philanthropy work, what do you think you’d be doing for a career?

Either medicine or music

An Interview With Adult Performer Athena Rayne

Do you have many friends outside of the industry? Or do you stay within the industry social circle?

Not really. I have a few back home, but I tend to stick to my inner circle, my friends always have my back.

If someone notices you in public, how would you like them to react? What advice would you give them? Would be okay to approach you?

First, I don’t mind being approached. If I look overly tired or upset though, please just keep distance; I’m very likely dealing with something and won’t be very kind. If you do approach though, don’t mention you know me from porn. I also do youtube and an app called LIKE (kinda like, so the best thing is to either just say videos or channel; other people will assume this is the case. Be nice, but don’t be upset if i seem awkward or a little flustered: I have social anxiety, so I’m a little weird with new people, but I’ll gladly give hugs and take photos <3

What’s in store for the rest of the year besides some of the things we talked about? Do you have any exciting shoots coming up?

My Studio, RayneX, will be launched later this year. Other than that, I’m gonna work as hard as I can and see how far I can go!


Favorite Movie(s) Tangled
Favorite Television Show(s)? Shameless
Last thing you read? Hush Hush
Biggest Pet Peeve? Pettiness
Irrational Fear Of? Nothing
Procrastinator or no? At times
What Motivates You? Success
Dream Vacation? A cruise through the Bahamas
Android or Apple? Android
Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or All Three? Netflix
Any Pets? My puppy Angel


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