An Interview With Pristine Edge

Pristine Edge Interview

We Chat Motherhood, Googling Yourself, Family, Stripping, Underwater Sex, Porn, Dating & More!

For my first interview, I reached out to one of my favorite performers, the stunningly beautiful and extremely likable Pristine Edge.

I’ve been a fan of hers since her camgirl days and was excited when she officially made the jump into the Industry.

Like many of her fans, I thought we lost another great performer too soon after taking time off to become a mother. But in 2017, she returned to work with a bang, and we’ve had a pretty fantastic stream of content coming out since. Pristine’s made some enhancements, and while she was a stunner before, she’s as gorgeous as ever right now.

She’s also shot for just about everyone including ATK, Bang Bros, Naughty America, Brazzers, Vixen, Manojob, Reality Kings, Pure Mature, Fantasy Massage, Brazzers, Team Skeet, Nubiles, & Tonight’s Girlfriend to name a few. Visit the late night section on HBO, and you’ll find her there as well.


Pristine Pure Mature

Hi Pristine, so one of the best parts of doing research heading into this was that I was lucky enough to get to go back and revisit almost all of the scenes I have of you, and I actually ended up buying another one of your videos off ManyVids that I wasn’t aware of.

Pristine: I saw that! Thank you, btw!

The first thing I noticed is you almost always take a facial at the end of your scenes, is that by choice or is that something agreed to before you choose a job?

I guess I didn’t realize how often I did that! Maybe it’s because I don’t have much of a booty? I don’t do anal, that would give a good reason not to blow it on my booty. I don’t do creampie either. My tummy isn’t my favorite asset, so I guess my face is what’s left? Maybe a guy can gently cum into my hands next time? ?  Makes for some easy cleanup.

Debunk the myth of the casting couch or is it a real thing in porn.  What’s the audition process like? How does it really happen?

It’s fake! I never participated in that one. They do, however, pick the fresh girls to shoot it and they try to put it out quickly to appear as if it’s their first one.

Explain if you don’t mind how the process works from being cast to the planning of sex positions, etc.? I’m sure there’s some blocking or choreography that goes into each scene. How long does an average shoot last?  What’s the vibe on set?

It really does depend on which company you’re working for. I LOVE direction! A script is twice as nice. Sometimes you get on set, they tell you your role, then you just wing it. I’ve had shoots last 2 hours from start to finish. I’ve had one that was (no joke) 21 hours from start to finish. Obviously, that one had LOTS of dialogue. I won’t say which one because that poor director had a lot on his plate. Anything that could have gone wrong went too wrong! Poor thing!

Tell us a bit about youR home life and growing up in St. Louis? From what I read you have 17 siblings and a twin sister.  Where do you fall in age from oldest to youngest?  How is your relationship with everyone currently?  Are they all aware and okay with what you do now?

I do come from a massive family. I fall somewhere in the middle of the hefty group. With such massive age differences, we almost fall into cliques. I have significantly older brothers I’ve only ever met a handful of times because it’s so hard to have everybody in one place at one time. My little sister ratted me out as far as what my job is. (Brat.) It wasn’t a secret; she just got to everybody before I did. Obviously, my family wasn’t thrilled, but they didn’t exactly lash out at me either. We are (mostly) all adults. Our job is to love each other and let one another grow how we want to grow. So I still attend family functions like usual without being an eyesore. I’m also not the blackest sheep of the family, either lol.  I guess, what I’m saying is, regardless of my occupation, there isn’t much difference as far as our relationship goes.

You recently moved out west; I live in Kansas City so we weren’t too far away from each other and I lived in Los Angeles for a few years before moving back.  Do you miss the middle of the country?  The changing of the seasons is something I really yearned for during my time in California.

We always want what we don’t have. When I’m home in Missouri, I long to be out and about someplace else in the country. When I’m out and about, I want to be snuggled up in my own Missouri home. Which by the way, I manage to visit about 1-2 weeks per month. At the moment, I do have the best of all worlds. My tiny family and I travel the nation in my RV or by plane, and we have homes in both Missouri and Nevada. We have several friends and families in other states. I homeschool my kids; therefore, we are so blessed to have an opportunity to visit them whenever we please. (I homeschool because the Nevada school system is ridiculous! I’m sure you’ve heard about their massive budget cuts they encountered this year. It’s so bad that they don’t even have a physical curriculum!)

I know you were a dancer for years before you started camming.  Can you tell us about your time as a dancer?  Any particularly friendly or strange customers, co-workers?

Dancing was such a fun job while it lasted. I worked day shift because I preferred the older, more tamed crowd. The night shift gets all the young, drunk, broke boys that are hoping to hook up with a stripper. I made so much more on the day shifts and didn’t feel as pressured to drink. I adored all the regular day shift customers. I remember telling myself, “well I didn’t make much today, but at least I had fun.” Usually said on my mandatory Sunday shift that I rarely made a profit from. I would show up with that attitude and would never disappoint myself.

Are you still doing any shows or plan to?

I’m not doing any cam shows at the moment. If I do, it would strictly be on chaturbate, who I’m pretty loyal to. I’d have to find a guy who can perform and give off the image I’m looking for in a show. It’s hard to find the right guy who isn’t competing for attention on the show, but, instead compliments the show as needed.

Like, I don’t need a stunt cock… I need some on-screen chemistry and desire.

Chemistry on camera is different than off camera. Why? Because on camera, the chemistry needs to be geared towards not only me but more importantly the audience. People may argue with that, but I know first hand how much I LOVED sex off screen with partners in the past and how much real chemistry we had, but put in front of a camera that partner didn’t know how to interact live with the audience to show the real chemistry we had.

I read that you also owned a laundry service for some time, what other jobs did you have when you were younger?

(I never owned a laundry business ?) But I just won’t answer this one because it’ll bore you lol

Can you talk about that transition from dancer to camgirl?  I remember you and the guy you were with during that period, was that just a boyfriend, husband or someone else?  How do you talk or bring that up as something to start doing?

That partner was actually a very serious boyfriend. We were both “dancers.” He and I still make fun of him for dancing ???. We are still great friends but just didn’t make it with our relationship. I had mentioned how an ex-asked me to cam in the past, and how I had declined. All of a sudden he wanted to do it. So after a bit of persuasion, I agreed. Unfortunately, the world got to watch one of the most tragic things happen live. We were trying to start a family but lost everything in the middle of a live cam show (if you know what I mean.) Some viewers were understanding; some demanded money back because we didn’t finish the show. (Insert eye roll because if you remember, we always performed a bit extra here and there before we hit goal)

Now you were approached at 21 to get into the industry and declined the offer. Why? And what changed your mind just a few years later?

I wasn’t interested at the time. I was in a serious relationship. I was a dancer but had never fucked for money. So it wasn’t even a consideration. I changed my mind after I cammed. After my camming partner and I were at the end of the relationship, I said, “fuck it!” And I agreed to shoot after a scout found me on social media. I wanted something different, fun, and adventurous. Something that allowed me a lot more freedom.

I remember the first mainstream video I saw you in I think was a Bang Bus episode.  It’s still one of my favorites of yours. Was that your very first video?

The Bang Bus scene was not my first scene. It was, maybe, my 5th ? My first scene was Cumfiesta. I really had no idea what I was even doing, to be honest. I’d give anything to erase that one from the internet and redo it ?  (I also want to point out that I am not the one who did my make up for that scene!)

What was your biggest fear at first that you no longer have?

Drawing a blank

You’ve said you like porn with a plot, more 80’s style and your favorite performer was Jenna Jameson.  Why her?  And why porn with a plot?  What’s an average script length for a scene?

I have a thing for blondes when it comes to girls. Jenna is a hottie. Her eyes… damn, whew, beautiful.

Men are visual (hence watching porn more than women) Women are more imaginative. That’s why we tend to like the lights off, or we close our eyes hard. Sometimes I have to think my way to an orgasm… like continuously remind myself of my fantasy over and over.

When there is a plot to go off of, it makes it easier to cum.

I’m not staring at a cock penetrating a woman… I’m looking at the whole story.

Losing your virginity at 19 can’t be right, can it?  I’ll take your word of course but someone as cute and sexual as yourself waiting that long and then basically going into stripping, camming & porn in such a short amount of time is a little wild.

ALMOST 19. I was late 18. I was waiting for marriage but gave into some loser who really pressured me. If you would have told 18 year old me that I’d one day be shooting porn and stripping, I’d have thought you were crazy.

However, I became a young single mom only a few months after losing my virginity.  I reluctantly started dancing, but quickly started to love it after taking only day shifts. The club I worked at was the BEST in the area. The girls got along and were so hot. It’s like, we worked alongside a bunch of friends, and the regulars were unbelievably generous, sweet, and all around awesome.

I’ve danced in several cities, and I can honestly tell you, no club was as awesome as that one!

How’s motherhood been?  You have two kids now, and you look stunning.  You seem happy to be a mother and a good one at that!  How do you find a delicate balance between raising kids and working?

Thank you so much for the compliment.

Motherhood is truly all I ever wanted. Coming from a massive family really made me feel like I wanted a massive family. The cards didn’t work in my favor. I lost quite a few pregnancies, 4 to be exact before my youngest finally graced me with his presence. (Progesterone deficiency, a simple pill is what fixed it all)

I’m very over-protective of them. When he was a baby, I’d hold him for 19 hours daily. It annoyed everybody around me, but I didn’t care.  Finding a balance isn’t all that difficult for me because where I want to be, is home with them. With my job, I get to be home with them most days. Work gets to be secondary. We stay busy though with homeschool and extra-curricular activities. My oldest is a social butterfly. She makes friends as soon as she walks into a room. I adore that about her. My youngest is always in my arms, on my lap, or standing at my feet holding my pant legs. Momma’s boy all the way!

Also, I’ve been working on quite a few projects that are obviously not xxx-related. My oldest gets to be a little part of the planning process while my toddler is also in tow with us. Why be away from my kids, when I can just take them with me. No balancing needed ?

Are you concerned about when they get older how you’ll tell them about what you did or still do for a living?  Or is that not a concern right now?

That bridge will most definitely be crossed one day. I’m not concerned about it at this point because I know the personal relationship I have with my kids. I know how I speak with them. I recently had a learning experience with my oldest where she lied about something pretty big (I knew she lied), but she came clean on her own. She trusts me and respects me enough that she felt guilty for lying. It went from a very sad moment (knowing that she was lying) to a proud moment (when she later came clean on her own.) Therefore, I know that our relationship will be unharmed when we do discuss my job.

At this point, if she found out, she wouldn’t even know what I’d be talking about. One day, when they are old enough to comprehend, then we’ll discuss it. There is a time and place for that to happen, but I’m not at all anxious or nervous about it.

What’s one thing you’ve tried in a scene that you hadn’t done in real life yet or vice versa?

I’ve never had a threesome off camera. I’ve had anal off camera but not on camera.

Is there anything your just not willing to do?  Some people enjoy it, but I hate to watch stars get roughed up during a scene.

I refuse to engage in BBC talk. Only because you also don’t hear me mentioning BWC. Therefore, race or color is NEVER mentioned from me.

What do you think attracts men or women to a particular performer? Do you think its solely based on looks? Personality?  A mix of both?

A mix of both. Personality would be the tiebreaker though.

How do you pick projects?  Do you just take whats available or do you do some research and then come to a decision?

In the beginning, I took everything offered. Now, I think about how my time is affected. Do I have to travel? How many hours does this take from the limited amount of time my kids have during their early childhood vs. the amount of pay I’m receiving for the shoot? I view shoots as time spent away from my kids divided by PROFIT. Breakdown: Gross pay- (babysitter fee + travel expense + testing fee + wardrobe fee, etc.) / total time away from my kiddos “including the extra travel time or even overnight stays away from them.”

A total 36 hour stay away from them… would make me turn a shoot down unless there are two consecutive shoots.

I’m sure you have some fans out there wondering when you will do anal.  It’s not really my thing but I have to ask that seems to be a question asked a lot of performers who haven’t done it.  You were in Banging Assholes with Kate England, who I have always liked, but she did all the anal.  Is that something that you aren’t interested in or is it something you’re waiting for the right time to do?

Don’t really have an answer for this. I think I’m just not interested. I considered it for a bit but just haven’t accepted a booking yet.

We discussed a bit about the nastiness of trolls online, the hurtful things that get said about you, the negativity that can be directed at you and so on. Why in your opinion do people watch your porn if they just want to say nasty things?

I think negative attention for those people is STILL attention. There are people out there who like to hurt others to make themselves feel superior. If you notice the talent who seem to give feedback to trolls are trolled harder. The troll received what he/she wanted, and that’s attention and the control they had over that person’s emotions.

Do you google yourself, search yourself out on Tube sites or anything to see what people are saying?  How thick of skin do you need to survive in the industry?

I’ve snooped a little bit. I don’t do it anymore. What somebody doesn’t like about me, somebody else loves about me. However, I don’t really listen to anybody’s opinions of me anymore. Once I realized that the only opinion of me that matters, is my own, is when I also realized that I really shouldn’t voice my opinions (good or bad) of others, to others. That’s because a good opinion could be considered a bad opinion to somebody else. Ex: “I liked your boobs before you had your surgery.” The person may have meant well… but it’s a pretty redundant and almost condescending opinion seeing as how there is no turning back from surgery. (Plus, I LOVE my boobs!) That was my eye opener that not all compliments are taken well. Since then, I’ve quieted down a lot on social media.

We tragically lost some performers in 2017, how do you keep yourself away from the excess and temptation that so many seem to fall victim to?

I wish their families a comforting condolence. I have never had a struggle with substance abuse of any kind. I’m no angel, I socially drink… but then again, I’m a homebody who rarely socializes. I’ve actually never even smoked a cigarette!

To answer your question, I keep myself away from excess and temptation that so many fall victim to because I just have way too much to lose.

Let’s talk a bit about your relationship status.  Are you in a relationship currently? Dating? If so how does your partner or the people you date think of your work?  Are you restricted to trying to find someone within the industry? Do they carry false assumptions that make the process more difficult?

For years I’ve wanted the perfect relationship and perfect family (while still maintaining that freak in the sheets desire that I have)

As a single momma, I’m pretty dominant. I have everything taken care of. So I only date men who are visibly responsible. If a single guy is struggling to take care of himself, that looks to me like another mouth I’ll have to feed. Not cool.

I haven’t seen a difference in whether or not work effects my dating life or not. (Although, during arguments with past bf’s it was one of those simple low-blows they could utilize to fuel the fire. I was always conscious of the obvious effort.)

Currently, I’m not interested in dating. Dealing with jealous boyfriends or answering to them about my whereabouts constantly has actually turned me off to dating. I’m very content with my routine lifestyle at the moment. I get asked out on dates quite often. I just don’t want to leave my kids long enough to actually go on one ?

What’s your sex life like outside of work?  Are you as sexual?  Do you need a healthy personal sex life and how does that differ from your professional sex work?

Sex outside of work is so much BETTER! I’m probably more sexual off set. I mean, I’m at a standstill lately ?

However, sex is so much better with somebody you’re super comfortable with. It’s not just sex; it’s intimacy! No cameras to open up for, grinding all I want! On camera and off camera, I can’t even begin to compare the differences!

Please Make Me A Lesbian 15
Pristine Edge with Lena Paul in ‘Please Make Me A Lesbian 15’

You’re nominated for an XBIZ 2018 Award for ‘Best Sex Scene — All-Girl Release’ for your performance in Girlfriends Films’ “Please Make Me Lesbian 15,” with Lena Paul.  Do you like the industry recognition at these year-end Awards or is something you don’t even think about?

It’ll be cool if Lena and I win. I’m not competitive in this industry. I wish I knew what it was that we did differently about this that got it nominated. I’d do more of it, obviously. Lena was very easy to work with. However, there were quite a few other nominees in the same category. I’m not doubting myself, but I do know it’s all about pushing for votes.  My lack of a competitive mindset just doesn’t have me spamming my twitter begging for votes.

Speaking of Girl on Girl, is there a particular difference when you’re shooting with females versus when your shooting with a male?  Do you have a preference?

I don’t have a preference. I enjoy different things about each genre. I physically enjoy men better, but with women, we get to create an intimate vibe a bit easier. We get to make it pretty and sensual. With a man, it’s a bit more aggressive. (In a good way of course)

How difficult is it to have sex underwater?  It looks hard and seems like it would be a a grueling shoot but you’ve done I think two scenes now underwater.

Ugh, I’m exhausted just thinking about it! Those were by far the hardest scenes to shoot!

You told me you were going back to school, which will remain nameless, but what for & why at this time?  What do you see in your future once you are finished performing in the business? Are you interested in directing, running a production company or something entirely different?

Not answering because I’d have to dodge too much personal info.

I’m on Twitter a lot, and you’ve always been really good at communicating back with your fans.  Do you enjoy that part of social media?  Do you just like your fans?  What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned about your fans? Any true creeps?  Stalkers? Your favorite thing?

I do enjoy interacting with followers. Sometimes, I’m at a loss for what to say to them because I do my best to keep the precious parts of my life separate. I’m also a sucky conversationalist! Lol. I never ever pry into a persons life. I feel uncomfortable even asking a person’s occupation. So I’m flattered you see me as a person who communicates well. I feel like I’m lacking in that area lol ?

I’ve noticed how much of a better actress you are than a lot of other performers, is that something you’ve learned? Where taught? Or are you just more of a natural?  I run a website for a recently retired young performer who has gotten some small roles or cameos in mainstream Hollywood and independent films.

I took four years of stage acting as a general interest of mine. I’d love to do mainstream, but I just don’t put in the effort to make it happen. If something fell into my lap, I’d be the happiest person ever! However, most of that happens in Los Angeles. I could only apply myself wholeheartedly during summer time.

Where do you see the future of the porn industry moving towards in the next five or ten years?  Is VR a gimmick right now or is that the way forward?

VR will remain just another genre. I don’t see porn altering.

Proposition 60 was voted down in California in 2016.  What are your thoughts about men performers having to wear condoms?  I know for myself it would be a visual turnoff and also take away from the intimacy of a scene.

As long as I could use ribbed-for-her-pleasure-condoms and my pay isn’t any less, I honestly wouldn’t have cared ?

I know it would have affected a lot of companies and viewers though, so it’s good that it got turned down.

According to you have shot 62 scenes for various sites, and have 46 movies to your name so far.  Do you have a favorite scene, film or studio you work with?

I’m curious how they count those. I know that I’ve shot hundreds of scenes/clips/videos.

I tend to like working with girl directors better. HardX, Sweet Sinner, Agatha. The HBO movies were my absolute favorite to shoot. My favorite scene was by Property Sex.

Have you ever logged onto HBO Go/Now or been browsing HBO late at night and caught one of your softcore movies playing?

I’m not one to watch my own scenes… but I will admit to looking up the HBO movies on HBOgo.

I was listening to Holly Randall’s podcast recently, and she asked Nicole Aniston this, so I’ll ask you about this as well.  Do you have a preference for dick size?  Does it matter?

We all know I’m a size queen ?  However, if a man knows what he’s doing, size isn’t the only thing that counts.

Your fans are so happy you returned after taking some time off, did you know you’d eventually come back?  Was that a challenge after having kids or was it just business, as usual, to get back working?

My son’s father and I agreed to quit the industry before we got pregnant. Only one of us kept our word (me.) I didn’t plan on coming back. I only came back after I realized him and I were sailing on two different ships and mine wasn’t going anywhere.

What do you think draws your fans to you?  You have a lot of support out there.

I can’t answer what draws in my followers. I truly don’t know. You’re right. I do have a lot of great support from followers.

I’ve bought a thing or two for you off your Amazon wishlist before, whats the biggest, best or most surprising gift you’ve received?

You sure have! I have received so many amazing gifts. I’ve had a few memorable purchases. One morning I opened my front door to an unloaded amazon wishlist. It was incredible and so generous. It all occurred at a time I needed it too.

While pregnant, I had everything I needed for baby’s arrival purchased by friends and followers off amazon as well.

To this day, a girlfriend of mine still surprises my little ones and me with thoughtful gift reminders!

I think though, my MOST memorable was last year (2016) I was traveling. I was really depending on ordering all my gifts on Amazon but had to wait for the right time. If I ordered them too early, they would have sat on my vacant porch for too long.

So I filled up my cart, ready to purchase them… but my six month old needed me. I shut my computer and fell asleep. The next morning I couldn’t understand why all my list was empty. I panicked actually. I thought I deleted my very large list.

What happened, though, is that I had a real Santa purchase everything (including a MacBook Air for my daughter!)  I have never found out who did that for us!

What made that truly amazing is that I had only just started working again and knew I’d be tight on money that trip, but still wanted to give my kids a ‘wow’ Christmas. This person did that for me and did not even want or need recognition for it. That’s what made it so amazing. They didn’t want anything in return, not even recognition. It was very pure.

Lightning Round Questions:

Favorite Movies? How to Lose a Guy In 10 days or any romantic comedy.

Favorite TV Shows? G.O.T, Friends, New Girl.

Last thing you read? How to start a non-profit, business planning

Apple or Android? Apple

Celebrity crushes?  Duh, Jason Momoa. Jennifer Anniston

Favorite holiday?  Now that I have kids, Christmas

Favorite meal?  Homemade Chicken Ortega

Coolest place you’ve been to? On a cruise, out on the water.

Dream vacation spot? New Zealand

Best quality you want in a partner? Responsible

Is chivalry dead? No. It’s just shown differently as opposed to years ago.

And that’s it! Pristine Edge is a really great girl, an honest sweetheart and I really appreciate her taking the time out of her busy schedule to help me out with my first interview.


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Pristine Edge

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