Naomi Woods in Room Service – Review

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Title: Room Service
Release Date: 02/12/18
Scene Length: 30 minutes, 45 seconds
Genre: Straight Sex, Facial, Brunette, Petite, Natural Tits, Blowjob, Pussy EatingMasturbation
Condoms: No
Starring: Naomi Woods

Fucking Awesome Synopsis: In Room Service Naomi Woods is an in-room dining waitress in an upscale hotel which is popular among celebrities. When Naomi finds out that her favorite crush, the world’s most famous soccer player, is staying in the hotel, she can’t wait to see him in person. Luckily she gets to deliver room service to his room, and in no time she manages to convince him to kiss her while making a selfie. From there it doesn’t take long before her all-time crush’s cock is in Naomi’s mouth.

Naomi Woods - Room Service 1

Naomi works at one of the hippest and upscale hotels in LA and doesn’t seem to be fazed by celebrities she encounters. But this week, the most famous soccer player in the world Ronaldo is staying in the hotel and Naomi’s been in love with him since she first started playing soccer.

Naomi Woods - Room Service 2

Naomi knocks on his door with his room service. She sets it down but before she can leave she’s star-struck for the firsts time again. Naomi fans out, telling him how he’s the best and how she’s had a crush on him since she was a little girl. Naomi offers if there’s anything else she can do for him and suddenly she’s on her knees. Naomi unties his robe and starts to suck his cock. She deep throats until she gags, she strokes his cock while licking and playing with his balls.

Naomi Woods - Room Service 3

Ronaldo lifts Naomi up and pulls her skirt up around her waist. He picks her up, sliding her thong to one side. He slides his dick in and starts to fuck her. Naomi still dressed and wearing her heels, bounces up and down, moaning. Ronaldo carries Naomi down the hall, his cock still in her, and into the bedroom. He lays her down on the bed and continues to fuck her hard.

Ronaldo stops, pulls her panties off. He tongues her clit while fingering her hard. He licks Naomi from the bottom of her asshole to the top of pussy before sticking his dick back inside her and pounding away at her clean pussy, a thin strip of hair down the middle.

He pulls Naomi up and takes her top and bra off, so she just has her tiny mini skirt still wrapped around her petite waist. He lays down on the bed, and Naomi crawls down his body. She starts to suck him off, she works his cock with her hands, slowly bobbing up and down on him.

Naomi Woods - Room Service 4

Naomi lays back and gently slides down on his dick. They start fucking, and Naomi is already moaning with each thrust. He rubs her pussy with his finger while they fuck, Naomi’s groans louder, about to climax!

Naomi switches positions and is again sucking his dick, really working it hard this time. Jerking it hard, in and out of her mouth.

They flip over in bed and he slides her skirt off. Naomi mounts him from above, her feet in just sexy high heels rest on his thighs as they fuck more. She grinds his cock hard, moaning and moaning until he takes over, gripping her around the waist. Ronaldo doesn’t waste time, he fucks her hard from the start, jamming his cock in and out of her hard. He spins her sideways for a minute, fucking her as she cringes.

Naomi Woods - Room Service 5

He spins her around on his dick; she grabs her pussy, his hand rubs her small natural tits. Naomi rubs her pussy ferociously as he plays with both of her tits from behind.

Naomi Woods - Room Service 7

They change positions, doggystyle on the bed. Ronaldo smacks her ass as they fuck and Naomi spreads a cheek open for him. Her tits jiggle as he fucks her. They move back down to the bed after a while, and he fucks her on the side from behind. Naomi still has her ass spread open. Ronaldo’s about to cum and jumps up just in time to shot a stringy load of jizz on Naomi’s face. It rolls down her cheek and onto her body. He continues to cum on her face and body. Naomi finishes him off with a gentle blowjob sucking every last drop out.

Naomi Woods - Room Service 6

Final Word: Naomi Woods is one of the hottest little spinners around. I wasn’t sure about her new look at first, but I like it. Phase #2, Naomi is fucking sexy in a different way and as hot as ever. This update from Fucking Awesome is a good one. Naomi sucks a lot of dick, get’s fucked hard in some nice positions and takes a giant load of cum at the end. She wears her sexy black heels throughout and when Ronaldo picks Naomi up and fucks her in the air is great stuff and one of my favorite positions.

Verdict: Highly Recommend

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