Pornstar Interviews

Ethan on Interviewing Pornstars

There’s so much more to these beautiful women other than what they do for work, but in these exclusive pornstar interviews, we get to know more about your favorite pornstars.  Not the same old sex questions as every other interview you’ve read online, although there is some of that lol. A lot of these great women are not only hardworking, but extremely intelligent, ambitious professionals, young mothers, and so much more.  They defy the stereotypes of what you probably think you know about your favorite pornstar.  We get discuss family, relationships, failures, pregnancy, worldviews, fame, failures, insecurities and of course porn and sex!  All these interviews are NSFW because well we are still interviewing pornstars and afterward, there’s usually some extra content like limited offers, image galleries, videos, clips, trailers and more!  Read Ethan’s interviews with pornstars such as Pristine Edge, Inna Innaki, Lexi Lore, Athena Rayne and more.