Whitney Westgate in Naughty Weddings – Flashback Friday Review

Network: Naughty America
Site: Naughty Weddings
Release Date: 05/01/14
Scene Length: 27 minutes, 57 seconds
Genre: Straight Sex, Natural Tits, Blowjob, Brunette, Facial, Deep Throat, Tattoos, Pussy Eating
Condoms: No
Starring: Whitney Westgate

Whitney Westgate - NWedding -22h50m54s094

Whitney and Eric enter a hotel room, dressed nicely having just come from a wedding. Whitney caught the bouquet but is worried it’s bad luck, and the one person she’s interested in is Eric who happens to be married. After an awkward exchange, Whitney gets up to leave, and Eric grabs her accidentally ripping her black dress. Whitney wonders if he’s trying to give her a sign as they begin to kiss. He rubs her ass as they make out, spinning her around and unzipping the rest of her dress.

Whitney Westgate - NWedding -22h58m02s410

Whitney stands in purple lingerie as he caresses her body, kissing the back of her neck. Eric removes her bra and rubs her big natural tits, he reaches down and slips a hand under her panties, caressing her pussy.

Whitney Westgate - NWedding -22h51m16s254

Whitney backs up and sits down on the glass table in the middle of the room. Eric pulls her panties to the side and starts to lick her clean, tight pussy. He works his tongue on her clit while using a free hand to finger her. Whitney gets up off the table and drops to her knees. She lowers her pants; his cock already erect as she takes it in her mouth.

Whitney Westgate - NWedding -22h52m48s461

Whitney plays with the tip of his dick, before deepthroating him. She bobs back and forth on his shaft, taking quick breaks to lick the sides of his dick and balls. Eric takes off the rest of his clothes and lifts Whitney back up to her feet where he finally slides her panties off.

Whitney Westgate - NWedding -22h53m33s196

Eric bends her back over the table and fucks her from behind. Whitney keeps one leg up mounted on the table; Eric grips her ass cheek with his hand as he fucks her harder and harder. Whitney’s moans grow louder. They stop, and Whitney sucks on his cock some more.

Whitney Westgate - NWedding -22h54m17s787

They move over to the sofa, and Eric takes a seat. Whitney slowly slides down, carefully positioning his dick inside her. He fucks her hard, ramming his shaft deeply in and out of her. Whitney just bounces up and down, moaning. She spins around, facing away from him. They continue fucking. Whitney’s tits bob up and down. They take turns rubbing her clit while his cocks in her. Whitney smiles, he squeezes her tits more.

Whitney Westgate - NWedding -22h55m12s753

Whitney lays down on her side as they keep fucking, never breaking a stride. She grips her breast as he pounds away at her. They stop to make out. Eric and Whitney stand up and move back to the glass table in the room. Whitney lays down so Eric can fuck her. She has her leg up wrapped around him, and he grips her by the thigh with both hands, pulling her towards him as he fucks Whitney harder and harder. Her tits bouncing, her groans growing louder.

Whitney Westgate - NWedding -22h56m25s149

Eric’s about to cum, and Whitney hops off the table and onto her knees in front of his dick. He gives it a few tugs until the warm jizz shoots out, covering Whitney’s face and mouth. Drenched in a big load of white sperm, Whitney licks her lips and licks his cock clean.

Whitney Westgate - NWedding -22h56m52s328

Final Word: Whitney Westgate was a great female talent. There were too many scenes in my library to choose from, but this update from Naughty Weddings has it all. Whitney’s body is something spectacular, her big natural breast, long legs, the tattoo that wraps around one side of her stomach, her tan skin and beautiful face make her someone special. She fucks great, sucks cock perfectly, and nothing is better than when she takes a facial. It’s a thing of beauty the way Eric hits her, covering her entire lips and mouth. This is an excellent scene, and I think I may have to do a Whitney Westgate retrospective in the future.

Verdict: Highly Recommend

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