YouTube TV is Coming to Apple TV ‘Very Soon’!

Google’s YouTube TV’s $35/month cord-cutting service is headed to Apple TV!

Google’s stab at the cord-cutting market with YouTube TV has been a slow rollout.  It’s lack of available apps on set box devices like the Roku, Amazon Fire & Apple TV kept me away after my trial run.

The iPhone app worked nice, had a clean interface & having the ability to DVR, unlike other services that are still working on cloud DVR, made for a pleasant experience.  But I don’t watch TV on the go and prefer to stream to one of my boxes.  AirPlay & ChromeCast just weren’t going to cut it for me, so I’ve been happily enjoying Hulu Live TV with DVR since it launched on my Apple TV 4K.

Most services lack other than Hulu Live TV lack local channels which meant if you wanted to watch your local news at night, a late night show or something on one of the broadcast channels you would have to switch from the service to a digital antenna.

YouTube TV offers all the majors ABC, Fox, NBC & CBS plus live TV from 40+ stations including AMC, FX, FXX, SyFy, Bravo, National Geographic, E! and plenty of the big sports channels like ESPN and Fox Sports.

With YouTube TV now available in more than 80 markets nationwide, covering 80 percent of the U.S. population.  According to 9to5Mac, they have over 300,000 paying subscribers so far, and I can only see that number rising with the availability of apps for more platforms.

The company made the statement to CNET.

YouTube TV, not to be confused with the free version of YouTube filled with music videos, late-night TV clips and cute puppies, costs $35 per month and appeals to cable TV cord cutters. Its package of 40-plus live TV channels includes locals such as ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC as well as cable stalwarts like AMC, ESPN, the Disney Channel, Fox News and Bravo […] YouTube TV is now available in more than 80 markets nationwide, covering 80 percent of the U.S. population.

No firm date has been set for when it will be available for Apple TV users, but they say it’s “coming very soon.”

It’s out now for Roku owners just in time for Super Bowl Sunday!

Sign up for a free trial anytime by heading over to YouTube TV


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